Digital Metal®

TNO - Netherlands organization for Applied Scientific Research (coordinator)


Digital Metal, Höganäss  (formerly fcubic)

TNO is an independent applied research institution with a staff of ±4500 people and an annual turnover exceeding 500M. TNO maintains close contacts with universities and basic research institutions in order to translate up-to-date knowledge and insights into practical applications.
Clients include government, large companies and SME's. TNO has extensive experience in EC research and project management through involvement in coordinating and participation in many EU projects.


Höganäs Digital Metal offers a revolutionary and innovative manufacturing technique for metallic components. It is a proprietary precision ink-jet technology for additive manufacturing and 3D printing of metal components and systems. This offers a unique capacity to rapidly and cost effectively produce highly complex and intricate designs and features for metallic parts.

Fcubic has been developing their technology since 2003, and has already used it in various applications. 




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Swerea IVF



Swerea IVF and four other Swedish industrial research institutes constitute the Swerea Group of R&D institutes. The Swerea Group creates, refines, supplies, and transfers new findings from applied research into industrial use with the objective of generating industrial growth. Swerea is owned jointly by Swedish industry and the government of Sweden. Swerea IVF offers advanced R&D and consulting services to the manufacturing and engineering industry. Our goal is the rapid introduction of new technologies and methods to practical use in our customers' operations. Our customers include industrial companies as well as public institutions, that turn to us to develop their future resource efficient products and processes.





   University of Birmingham



University of Birmingham

TranscenData Europe Ltd. is the supplier of CADfix products and services, providing software for CAD translation, repair and defeaturing across many different engineering industries, established as FEGS Ltd. in 1978. TranscenData supplies many companies worldwide with CADfix data exchange products and related services, through partnerships and direct licensing.
In addition to COTS licensing of its CADfix suite of software, the company is engaged in collaborative R & D projects with major industrial organisations including Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Sheffield and Carnegie-Mellon.